Our Difference

At Give a Dog a Bone, we have very strict standards that all of our products must meet. All of our foods are free from wheat, corn, soy, by-products, and chemical preservatives. Those ingredients are among the highest food allergens and dogs and cats are not biologically inclined to consume such ingredients. We also keep our store free of foods and treats from China, due to the high number of recalls and illnesses that have resulted from pet products sourced from there.

We’re local and independent

Being an independent pet store, we don’t have anyone to answer to but our customers. We (Liz and Quincy) handpick each and every item that you find in our store. Since we’re not a chain or franchise, we have the freedom to carry only the best and to stop carrying products, especially food lines, if they ever stop meeting our store’s standards and mission.

We’re loyal to quality and to our customers rather than specific brands

We love and trust the brands that we carry, but we aren’t married to them. In the event that a particular food line loses our trust, either through quality changes or corporate takeovers, we simply drop the food line, explain why, and help our customers choose a replacement that their pet can thrive on. We did this twice in 2015 along with two food lines that we could no longer trust. Our customers were all able to easily make the switch to other lines that we carry with no issues.

We educate rather than sell

Again, we’re loyal to our customers and are committed to helping you find the right products for you and your pet. Sure, each of us have our particular favorites, but my dogs and their needs are most likely different yours. When helping you find the right food or supplements we use both personal experience and biologically appropriate nutritional information to help guide you in the right direction. We’ll send you home with free food samples and we even guarantee all of our foods so that if a bag you purchase just doesn’t work out you can bring it back, for any reason at all. Yes, even if it’s been opened.