About Us

Our Story

Give a Dog a Bone is an independent and local natural pet food market that opened in 2005 after the founder’s own journey into natural pet care. Seeing the difference that a healthy diet and supplements made for her sick dog, she decided to put her knowledge to a greater use by opening Give a Dog a Bone and teaching the community how to feed better.

The current owners, Elizabeth and Quincy, took over ownership of the store in 2015. Before owning the store, Elizabeth worked at Give a Dog a Bone for a few years helping customers and managing the business.

Elizabeth and Quincy first became customers of Give a Dog a Bone in 2010. Their journey into natural pet care began after their own healthy journey that included learning to eat well and exercise. Seeing the difference that reducing ultra-processed foods in their diet, it only made sense to do better their own pet, a sweet little pug puppy named Murphie.

Seeing the difference a healthy diet and non-toxic products can do firsthand, the couple fell in love with not only caring for their pets in this way, but helping others do the same. Which is why when the opportunity to step into ownership of the small business they loved so much was presented to them they instantly jumped in.

Our Mission

Put simply, our mission is to help the cats and dogs in our community live happy and healthy lives. We do this by educating our customers and by holding pet food brands to a higher standard.

The truth is that the pet industry is complicated and it can be confusing to choose the right food, the right supplement, or even the right toy. Every brand claims their product is the best, but they can’t all be the best.

Rather than offering just one type of food, we carry a great selection of brands in each food category that have been vetted by us. We see ourselves more as consumer advocates, not brand apologists.

We like to get to know your cat or dog a little before recommending a food. Do they have allergies, a sensitive stomach, or some other health condition? Are they a picky eater? We ask these questions because we want to help you find the best product for your pet.