Uncompromising Standards

At Give a Dog a Bone, our foods are free of corn, wheat, by-products, dyes and chemical preservatives. But we don’t stop there.

We monitor all of our foods weekly to ensure their quality continues to meet our standards. In the competitive world of pet foods, corporate takeovers have become commonplace. Ingredient sourcing has become a complex issue, requiring consistent vigilance. In world of cost-cutting and inflation, it is even more important for stores like ours to stay on top of our manufacturers and their practices.

Take for example the sourcing of lamb in pet foods. To our knowledge, none of the pet foods we carry source lamb from the US, because lamb in the US can carry a disease called Scrapie. Quality lamb is typically sourced from New Zealand.

“Scrapie first appeared in the United States in 1947 in a flock of sheep in Michigan. From 1947 through July 2001, over 1600 head of sheep have been diagnosed with Scrapie.

Sheep in New Zealand do not suffer from scrapie, “a usually fatal prion disease of sheep and goats characterized by twitching, excitability, intense itching, excessive thirst, emaciation, weakness, and finally paralysis,” according to Merriam-Webster.com. “Scrapie is a fatal degenerative disease of the central nervous system of sheep and goats. Although Scrapie doesn’t cross species, it is a member of the family of diseases known as Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE’s) that includes ‘Mad Cow Disease’ in cattle and Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and elk.”

Only two countries are certified scrapie-free, New Zealand and Australia.

As you can see, that is just one of many reasons why we look at sourcing. There has of course been rice tainted with melamine imported from overseas. Then there are the nearly constant recall of foods because Salmonella is found in a manufacturing facility somewhere. These latter types of recalls affect natural foods as well as commerically-made products, although on a smaller scale.

Knowing these risks is the key to understanding not only the foods we carry, but the risks in all areas of pet food production. It is our job to safeguard your pet the best we can.

My dogs have always been members of my family. I have human kids, furry kids and a not-so-furry husband. Because I love them all, I want the best for them. Because I love being of service to others and to my community, I want what’s best for you and your family. Because all of us at Give a Dog a Bone love healthy, happy dogs and cats, we continually strive to be the best at what we do. We deeply appreciate the opportunity you have given us to do so since we opened our first store in 2005.