My favorite part of the day is any moment I can grab some chocolate, a cookie or some little well-deserved yummy treat.  I am quite the sweets lover!  As such I love to offer a large selection of treats.  Like our food, our treats are made in quality environments, using human-grade ingredients!  We offer your pet the very best in boxed treats, fresh bakery, frozen goodies and chews.  None of our treats are made in or sourced from China.

Our bakery selections are baked fresh weekly, delivered right to our door.  We use only best, most innovative bakeries to bring you big, beautiful heathy fresh-baked treats

Take a tour of our treat section where you will find treats by Healthy Dogma, Darford, K9 Granola Factory, Grandma Lucy’s, Vital Essentials, Pure Vita, Twistix, Paragon, Merrick, Plato, Sojos, Himalayan Dog Chews, Zukes and more!

We offer chicken jerky by True Chews and Bixbi.  Our bones and tendons, made by Merrick, Free Range, Red Barn and Smokehouse are both US and South American sourced.

Lamb and Venison jerky and bones (and also fresh meat and meals in foods) are sourced from New Zealand.

We take pride in bringing you the best and widest variety of moist, semi-moist, crunchy and chewy treats available. May your dog not only live long, but live well and just a little spoiled!