Feeding the right food, sometimes coupled with the right supplement can make all the difference in the world for a struggling dog.  At Give a Dog a Bone we offer a wide variety of supplements.  We offer several probiotics that can enhance digestion and nutrient absorption in a dog’s belly, along with correcting many chronic yeast infections, the most common health issue we see in dogs at our store.  Additionally we carry various glucosamine supplements for joint health and maintenance.  We have solid offerings from Ark Naturals, Nupro and In Clover along with a wide variety of treats enhanced with ingredients from various herbs to green lipped mussels.

We have amazing supplements for anxiety dogs from Sleepytime Tonic to Dr. Harvey’s Relax, including products for dogs with situational anxiety to more advanced separation anxiety and PTSD (we see primarily in rescued dogs).

Additionally we have a new line I am very excited about by a company called Organic Pet Superfoods.  Using the same medicinal mushroom powder used in cancer drugs, this company offers powdered mushroom supplements that work on skin and coat problems, joints, digestion and immune system support.  I’ve been using the OPS Skin + Coat supplement for my dog Isabel who has tremendous skin problems that have gotten worse every year.  Since starting her on the OPS supplement, her coat is thick and shiny, she doesn’t itch herself like crazy and all the scabs she used to have are gone.  Gone too are the steroids and antibiotics she had to take.  It is a supplement our customers love!!

I could write volumes on the supplements we carry in our store but I find it easier to explain them in person.  The next time you stop by with a little time to spare, ask about our supplements and I or one of our staff will be happy to go over the their many benefits with you.